K3 Program

The K-3 program is supported by the HUHS Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball teams. This program utilizes age appropriate basketball curriculum with lowered hoops for guaranteed success!

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HBC Operating Guidlines

The philosophy of the Hartford Basketball Club (HBC) is to use the game of basketball as a vehicle to cultivate productive members of society. HBC is a comprehensive K-8 non-profit organization based on fun, development (physically, mentally, and socially) and competitive boys and girls basketball.

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Athlete Concussion Information

What is a concussion? A concussion is a type of brain injury that changes the way the brain normally works. 

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HBC Disciplinary Policy

All officers, members, parents, legal guardians, volunteers and athletes (hereinafter “Agents”) of the Hartford Basketball Club (HBC) are expected to maintain high standards of cooperation, ethics, integrity, fairness and sportsmanship in fulfilling any obligations they have to HBC or while participating in or watching an HBC sanctioned activity or event. 

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Sponsorship Information

All sponsorship money goes towards continuing improvement of our youth programs!

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The Hartford Basketball Club is a K-8 competitive basketball club for boys and girls.