The Hartford Basketball Club (HBC)

The HBC is a K-8, comprehensive, competitive basketball club and is open to boys and girls attending any area K‐8 school that feeds into HUHS. The HBC will use the game of basketball as a vehicle to cultivate productive members of society. We are dedicated to improving the game of basketball in the HUHS School District.

The HBC offers summer and winter basketball programs for players of all ages. HBC provides serious basketball players an opportunity to enhance their level of play through camps, training sessions, leagues and tournament play.

Why HBC 

The Hartford Basketball Club offers your son/ daughter the opportunity to play against some of the best competition this state has to offer! More importantly, HBC will provide your son/daughter with an advanced level of coaching and training that will develop your athlete both individually and as a team player.



We have a passion for elevating each athlete’s growth, both as people and as basketball players, and our vision is to expand opportunities to more young basketball players in the community. Our program complements the HUHS philosophies and provides a competitive environment to develop their skills. This program is open to ALL young athletes that live in Hartford or attend an HUHS Associate School. We understand you may choose to send your child to a high school other then HUHS in the future. However, if your child is in or entering 7th or 8th grade, your child must plan to attend HUHS to participate.

The Hartford Basketball Club is a K-8 competitive basketball club for boys and girls.